JDH Henrik Manso 171/7

ABBA Number: 945446 | Date of Birth: September 27, 2015
(+)JDH Sir Lawford Manso
JDH Mr Hooks Manso
=JDH Miss Pensacola Manso
Sire: JDH Jene Manso
(+)JDH Datapack Manso
JDH Lady Ninfa Manso
JDH Lady Fab Manso
+JDH Charley's Jazz 946/1
(+)JDH Atlas Manso 328/3
+JDH Lady Manso 251/9
Dam: JDH Lady Manso 60/6 Twin
(=)JDH Mr. Manso 209/9
JDH Lady Manso 181/3
+JDH Lady Manso 76/1

JDH Henrik Manso 171/7 was selected straight from the J.D. Hudgins Show Barn. When we first saw him we knew that he was a must have with his outstanding phenotype being eye appealing, growthy, deep ribbed, thick ended with great breed character. Once we got past his majestic look we realized that he was a son of JDH Jene Manso that has done the J.D. Hudgins-J. Forgason Division a phenomenal job siring such influential offspring as JDH Massai Manso 608/6 and a number of other offspring in the US and globally. The dam to Henrik is a donor for the J. Forgason Division of J.D. Hudgins that has a regular calving interval. JDH Lady Manso 60/6 is a daughter of the Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Atlas Manso, the dam to the J.D. Hudgins Herd Sire JDH Boogalu Manso and a maternal granddaughter of +JDH Lady Manso 76/1 who is the dam to +JDH Charley’s Jazz 946/1. Understanding that sires must combine the three essentials of phenotype, pedigree and performance JDH Henrik Manso completes this package charting positive for 10 economically relevant traits. It should also be noted that Henrik is an outcross to many of today’s popular bloodlines in the breed and in our herd only further adding value to how he and his progeny can be utilized. Co-owned with C3 Ranch. Semen available foreign only.

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